Friday, 31 October 2008

what's the title ?

It Isn't Fixed...

because its in flux, because we can renegotiate it, although we might have to rethink and shift our position, because it might all be dodgy and sewn up, but lets work together as though It Isn't Fixed...
The broad shape of the day is: artists in conversation in the morning; a good Turkish Sunday lunch from Mangal with time to network; Open Space in the afternoon so that all participants can propose conversations around what is preoccupying them, and these can be held; a plenary session which aims to make further sense of what has been aired - culminating in a really good party. All this interspersed with short performed provocations.....

The detail will evolve and we are open to suggestions, offers and requests. We cant guarantee to deliver to the letter but we will certainly listen....

Thursday, 30 October 2008

It Isn't Fixed

On Sunday December 7th in association with Graeae and the Arcola, writernet will host It Isn't Fixed, a day of visioning; of ideas and discourse around playwrights and playwriting: of future challenges and possibilities.

writernet is winding up after 10 years, with another 13 years backstory before that as New Playwrights Trust. As we do, we wish to bring playwrights together for a day to inspire, affect and challenge current thinking and practice as a spur to better quality work generated in a broader set of contexts.

The day will include artists in conversation; provocations; Open Space and a party.

We are inviting a number of playwrights to speak. This will grow and change as our preparations develop. 

Invitees and speakers include: 

Gabriel Gbadamosi, Bonnie Greer,Roy Williams, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Dipo Agboluaje, Kaite O’Reilly, Jenny Sealey, Alex Bulmer, Mike Kenney, Roney Fraser Munro, Mehmet Ergun, Fin Kennedy, Peter Arnott, Julie Ellen, Simon Stephens, Sara Clifford, Peter Rumney, Richard Shannon, Christopher Hampton.

This blog is a virtual space for It Isn't Fixed. Will will continue to update this in the run-up to the event. Please add your comments, thoughts and provocations.

It Isn't Fixed
Sunday 7th December 2008
10am - 10pm
Arcola Theatre
27 Arcola Street
London E8 2DJ

Tickets can be booked via the Arcola website and will be available to book from the week of Monday November 3rd.