Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A key outcome of It Isn't Fixed will be to formulate questions / recommendations / challenges and provocations around how in the near future playwriting might develop - in response to the changing cultural, economic and political climate as well as the shifts in how plays are being made. This is important for playwrights, other theatre artists, companies, audiences, funders and policy makers alike.

This blog is an opportunity to throw stuff into the mix leading up to and also out of It Isn't Fixed...

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Kaite O'Reilly said...

It Isn't Fixed, Part One:

fix /fiks/ v.& n. - V 1. make firm or stable; fasten, secure. 2. decide, settle, specify. 3. mend, repair. 4.implant (an idea or memory) in the mind. 5a. direct steadily, set (one's eyes, gaze, attention, or affection). 5b. attract and hold. 6.place definitely or permanently establish. 7. determine the exact nature, position, identify, locate. 8.make. 9.prepare (US origin). 10. deprive of fluidity or volatility. 11. punish, kill, silence, deal with. 12. secure the support of (a person) fraudulently, esp. by bribery. 13. inject (a person or oneself). 14. make fast or permanent. 15.assimilate by forming a non-gaseous compound. 16. castrate or spay. 17. arrest changes or development (in language or literature). 18. determine the incidence of. 19. take up one's position.
some stimuli, with thanks to the Oxford English Dictionary.