Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It Isnt Fixed - Structure of the Day

Jonathan Meth outlined the structure of the day for participants at the Arcola

If we believe that playwriting is valuable, how in this changing landscape can playwrights thrive and have a voice? What is the nature of this ritual, this get together today?

Its about inspiring people to think and act collectively

Its not about individual careers, but the many voices that construct a theatre worth any attention

What is the new shape?

…..Lets explain the structure of the day allow its symbolism to unfold

a) We begin with 5 conversations between artists, so we can benefit from their thinking, speaking and listening

1. The commissioning model is now so dominant – what does this mean for playwrights, their creativity and how the theatre as a sector is thinking about risk?

2. 10 years of collaboration; is Graeae’s evolution around playwriting a new paradigm for us all?

3. If you stay in this game for 20-25 years you can get some really interesting writing, but its seldom a straight line.

4. Creative Partnerships as was, will now be the Arts Council’s largest single client, eclipsing the Opera House, National, RSC and the orchestras. But is it art?

5. White clouds await painting, before we round off the morning with writernet disappearing – but through the skylight…..Think of the Phoenix…

b) After a good Turkish lunch will move into an Open Space session

This represents a self-organising process; participants construct the agenda and schedule during the meeting itself.

It will be an opportunity to present your questions, your issues, your provocations - and then decide on the further conversations you want to be involved in. Chrissie Tiller, who is facilitating will explain more how it works immediately after lunch.

c) We will conclude with a performative plenary

a performance with no formal beginning and no formal conclusion.

There will be a table and 12 chairs on stage. At any point anyone can sit at the table and assuming there is someone to talk to at the table a discussion could begin: ask a question..

anyone can join the table at any point and leave at any point. Those at the table are the performers. Talk is the only course. There is no host or hostess. To participate take a seat at the table. If the table is full you can request a seat.

d) Finally we will have a party to celebrate writernet and its achievements

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