Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Open Space 6 - How does the Playwrights’ Network go on without Writernet?

The discussion was hosted & noted by Julie Ellen (Playwrights’ Studio Scotland)

Participants in this discussion included;
Daniel Bye (Script Yorkshire), Hanna Slattne (Tinderbox NI), Chris Bridgeman (North West Playwrights),

Items in bold are for immediate action

The first area of discussion was; what is the need? What do we lose?

Key points that arose were;

• Jonathan & Sarah were drivers of strategic importance
• PN harnesses the varied briefs towards specific projects
• PN links playwrights dynamically across the UK
• The PN members (individuals) have a particular role in their own right. Therefore have their own CDP needs
• PN is vital for Lobbying – organisations & audiences
• PN creates an ability to find a voice collectively for tiny orgs
• PN provides an intellectual gymnasium for what we do

What are the possible ways forward?

• To resource our selves to participate so we’re not failing to meet whilst looking for money (e.g. cover own travel costs)
• To pool/average out the costs so those travelling furthest don’t suffer
• To use internet based resources
• Use the interface between Playwrights’ Network & Dramaturg/Lit Managers Network (could they be one?)
• Decide to meet again & set a date
• Julie Ellen will co-ordinate Playwrights Network for 2009
• Individuals could take on specific functions to share the load
• Playwrights' Studio, Scotland will take up conversation with Writernet about hosting the interactive map & the cost
• Regional Operators will look to cover similar knowledge/info sets within their own websites

There was also a short discussion about the role of the Dramaturg and Dramaturgical practice.

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